Free Online Classifieds – Where Do You Place Your Ads?

Free online classifieds are by far the best way to sell your unwanted goodies. Yes, Craigslist is the main attraction these days, but there are a few choices other than the big C that can produce decent results.

The one I use the most is Free to sign up and place ads with an easy posting process. All fifty states are covered, and you can search the entire country very easily, unlike Craigslist. The best feature in my opinion is the ability to see how many people have read your ad. I love that because you can see if writing efforts have worked. Also, the internal messaging feature is great – your responses are categorized by the ads you have listed. The posted messages are sent to you via email as well.

Although you most likely don’t get the traffic of Craigslist, I have found that my results have been very good, with several reads and inquiries for most of the ads I have placed. It is definitely my #2 site to place free ads. I’m always looking around for good free selling spots, so if you know of anything worth checking out please let me know about it.

Why kill trees? eBooks are the new King’s Pine

I come from a long line of timber harvesters as far back as my great-great grandfather, and a few of my family members might not like the title I wrote – but I kid, really. In this day and age we utilize more of a tree than we ever did, and with the advent of electronic text, what gets cut down has the potential to be put to much better use.

Rarely do I use paper to read or write on anymore, and a mere ten years ago I was swamped in it. Now I couldn’t tell you where I have a pen. I just squawk into my phone’s task app and my notes are saved for future use.

What I’m most thrilled about is the ability to read a book on a tablet screen. I used to¬†download eBooks to my phone but it was quite a strain on my eyes, so I bought the inexpensive Kindle model a few months ago – It’s my main reading rig now. Maybe I could have sprung for something flashier, but I really prefer the single use format as I read a lot of books. Plus I like to keep my main tablet freed up for Modern War ;)